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As your college and Department of Nursing academic administrators, we would like to welcome you to the College and to the Department. It is an exciting time to be a nursing student in this period of spirited national debate around health care. Regardless of the outcomes of health care reform legislation, nursing as a profession and nurses practicing across all specialties will continue to be integral leaders and members of the health team.

While you are enrolled in the nursing program here at UL Lafayette, please take the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in all that the program and the university have to offer. Take the time to get to know your peers, as some of them will develop into colleagues and friends whom you will cherish long after graduation. Develop relationships with your faculty members and take advantage of their knowledge and expertise, as some of them will transition into professional mentors whom you will call upon during the course of your career. As administrators, our hopes for you are that you develop an appreciation for life-long learning, that you become socialized into the role of the professional nurse, and that you will develop the intellectual and personal skills to provide the very best in quality and safe care to your patients and clients.