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BSN to DNP Curriculum

The DNP program reserves the right to limit the number of students enrolled in nursing courses to make the most effective use of the educational resources available. In the event that enrollment in these course must be limited, students will be selected by their academic ranking based upon DNP admission requirements and their cumulative GPA in graduate nursing courses.

Visit the University Catalog for course descriptions.

Semester 1 (Spring):

Total: 10 Credits

Semester 2 (Summer):

Total: 3 Credits

Semester 3 (Fall): 9 credits/180 clinical clock hours

Total: 9 Credits

Semester 4 (Spring):

Total: 9 Credits

Semester 5 (Summer):

Total: 3 Credits

Semester 6 (Fall):

Total: 8 Credits/300 Clinical Clock Hours

Semester 7 (Spring):

Total: 9 Credits/390 Clinical Clock Hours

Semester 8 (Summer):

Semester 9 (Fall):

Total: 8 Credits/210 Clinical Clock Hours

Upon successful completion of the courses in Semester 9, BSN to DNP students may apply to receive the MSN degree with the role preparation as a Family Nurse Practitioner. At that time, students meet the educational requirements to take the Family Nurse Practitioner national certification examination and to apply for an advanced practice license.

Semester 10 (Spring)

Total: 7 Credits/120 Clinical Clock Hours

Total BSN to DNP credit hours: 70
Total BSN to DNP clinical clock hours: 1,020