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Breastfeeding at Work and School

  • Multiple national authorities recommend breastfeeding at least through the first year of life because breastmilk is a living biochemical fluid containing components that provide the most appropriate form of infant nutrition and immunity protection.
  • Research shows maternal and infant benefits related to breastfeeding.
  • Infants who receive breastmilk experience fewer occurrences of infectious diseases, non-infectious diseases, and malnutrition.
  • Mothers who express breastmilk experience less postpartum depression, diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer.
  • Even though the rationale to provide all lactating mothers a supportive environment to express their breastmilk is evident, the workplace and academic settings can present a barrier to continued breastfeeding for lactating mothers.
  • Research shows that the lack of lactation policies, the lack of a comfortable designated lactation area, and the lack of organizational support are three major barriers that decrease a mother’s ability and will to continue providing breastmilk to her infant upon returning to work or school.
  • Based on this evidence, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has implemented Lactation Support Services to remove common workplace and scholastic barriers by providing a Lactation Policy, designated Lactation Rooms, and a campus environment that is “Breastfeeding-Friendly.”

Louisiana's Breastfeeding Laws
R.S. 51.2247.1 states that a mother may breastfeed her baby in any public  place and clarifies that breastfeeding is not a violation of law.
R.S. 46.1409B(5) prohibits any child care facility from discriminating against  breastfed babies.