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Our Mission

Faculty in the LHC Group · Myers School of Nursing seek to promote, expand and validate scientific knowledge and evidence-based practice to advance health. The department provides an atmosphere of scholarly inquiry, an appreciation of professional values, inter-professional collaboration and active community service.

Goals of the LHC Group · Myers School of Nursing

• Increase scholarly productivity in full-time faculty
• Strengthen intra/interdisciplinary collaboration
• Increase scholarly and research collaboration between faculty and students

• Facilitate participation in distance learning (DL) activities to enhance teaching effectiveness
• Establish a formalized mentoring process for new and experienced faculty
• Facilitate the understanding of expectations for the tenure and promotion process at an R1 designated research university
• Develop initiatives aimed at increasing faculty representation from underrepresented groups in undergraduate and graduate programs

• Increase faculty opportunities for advancing education and professional development
• Strengthen processes for integration of program evaluation data to foster ongoing performance improvement
• Continue to engage students, alumni, staff, and faculty in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives at the college level, including collaboration with the Office of Campus Diversity

• Create opportunities for co-curricular collaboration and learning
• Increase undergraduate student participation in research and scholarly activities
• Provide opportunities for students to contribute to the profession of nursing
• Engage undergraduate and graduate students in college initiatives related to the development and fostering of an inclusive learning environment