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Clinical Requirements & Application

Undergraduate Students

Clinical Requirement Forms:


  1. When is the application due? November 1st (If Applying for Spring Semester) or April 1st (If Applying for the Fall Semester)
  2. How and when will I be notified? By school e-mail no later than the week before classes begin.
  3. How do I register for the Nursing 208 and 209 holding class? A fictional course, Nursing 000, 7 credit hours, will be available. The section is 001. This registration code is to be used by students waiting for acceptance into this clinical class.
  4. When do I register for Nursing 208 and 209? When you receive your acceptance letter through e-mail. Carefully follow the instructions in the letter.
  5.  When are the clinical requirements due? Refer to packet of information for all due dates. 
  6. How many days a week will I be in clinical? One day a week.  Your Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday lab becomes your clinical day. DO NOT SCHEDULE ANY CLASSES TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY OR THURSDAY BEFORE NOON.
  7. Do I get to choose my lab day? No, lab days are assigned by the semester coordinators. Do not schedule morning classes on these days or lock into a particular day with your childcare provider.
  8. What if I answered yes to the questions concerning Licensure and Grounds for Disciplinary Action on my application? Provide all required documentation with LSBN application.

Note: Check Ulink for your appointed time for scheduling class.