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Clinical Requirements & Application

Undergraduate Students

Clinical Requirement Forms:


  1. When is the application due? November 1st (If Applying for Spring Semester) or April 1st (If Applying for the Fall Semester)
  2. How and when will I be notified? By school e-mail no later than the week before classes begin.
  3. How do I register for the Nursing 208 and 209 holding class? A fictional course, Nursing 000, 7 credit hours, will be available. The section is 001. This registration code is to be used by students waiting for acceptance into this clinical class.
  4. When do I register for Nursing 208 and 209? When you receive your acceptance letter through e-mail. Carefully follow the instructions in the letter.
  5.  When are the clinical requirements due? Refer to packet of information for all due dates. Clinical requirements must be turned in to CastleBranch.
  6. How many days a week will I be in clinical? One day a week.  Your Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday lab becomes your clinical day. DO NOT SCHEDULE ANY CLASSES TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY OR THURSDAY BEFORE NOON.
  7. Do I get to choose my lab day? No, lab days are assigned by the semester coordinators. Do not schedule morning classes on these days or lock into a particular day with your childcare provider.
  8. What if I answered yes to the questions concerning Licensure and Grounds for Disciplinary Action on my application? Provide all required documentation with LSBN application.

Note: Check Ulink for your appointed time for scheduling class.