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Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday is a clinic for students, faculty and staff run by nursing students. The nursing students are second semester Junior level. This clinic is a wonderful opportunity for the UL community to take part in health screenings and receive the most up-to-date health education. The goal of Wellness Wednesday is to promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles among the UL community, while allowing our nursing students to share their health care knowledge. The clinic is free to the UL community.   

We Offer:
1. Blood pressure screenings
2. Pulse and oxygenation screenings
3. Blood glucose screenings
4. Osteoporosis screenings
5. Hearing screenings
6. Vision screening
7. Cholesterol screenings for faculty and staff only
8. Body composition analysis
9. Personalized education plans
10. Updated web links for the latest health information

Knowledge is the key to healthy living and behavior modification. The student nurses have an abundance of knowledge and skills which all the UL community can benefit from.

Interested? Here is more information for the current semester:

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Wharton Hall, Room 115
(Located in parking garage)

Spring 2024 Dates

  • January 24, 31
  • February 7, 21, 28
  • March 6, 13, 20
  • April 3, 10, 17

FREE Screenings Available

* Height and Weight *
* Blood Sugar *
* Cholesterol * only for faculty and staff
* Blood Pressure - Pulse – O2 Saturation *
* Body Fat Analysis *
* Hearing Screening *
* Vision Screening *
* Health Education Literature Available *