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Goals & Opportunities

The goals of our faculty are to:

  • Provide a quality program of study to a diverse group of students which leads to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing.
  • Through implementation of principles of active learning, foster the development of critical thinking skills relevant to the discipline of nursing.
  • Prepare nurses who can assume leadership roles in the provision of quality, cost-effective health care to diverse populations.
  • Create an environment which is conducive to the advancement of nursing research, scholarship, and practice.
  • Balance the integration of emerging technologies with caring within the framework of professional nursing practice.
  • Promote an organizational culture that embodies the values of trust, respect, innovation, and lifelong learning.

Student Opportunities for Learning

Our faculty is dedicating to providing our students with opportunities to:

  • Utilize nursing theory in making decisions for nursing practice.
  • Use nursing practice as a means of gathering data for refining and extending that practice.
  • Synthesize theoretical and empirical knowledge from the physical and behavioral sciences and the humanities with nursing theory and practice.
  • Assess health status and health potential; plan, implement, and evaluate nursing care of individuals, families, and communities.
  • Improve service to the client by continually evaluating the effectiveness of nursing intervention and revising it accordingly.
  • Accept individual responsibility and accountability for the choice of nursing intervention and its outcome.
  • Evaluate research for the applicability of the findings to nursing actions.
  • Utilize leadership skills through involvement with others in meeting health needs and nursing goals.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and citizens on the interdisciplinary health team to promote the health and welfare of the people.
  • Participate in identifying and effecting needed change to improve delivery of care within specific health care systems.
  • Participate in identifying community and societal health needs and in designing nursing roles to meet these needs.