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Faculty donate to Food Drive

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences Alumni Committee delivered items collected by faculty during the Thanks f

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Students in Mrs. Eaglin’s Nursing 341: Healthcare and Diverse Populations course participated in an Age Play activity during class last week and the students thoroughly enjoyed it!
Age Play is an Aging Sensitivity Activity done in the Health Care and Diverse Populations class. Students are required to complete several tasks while dealing with potential age-related impairments. They must get around campus with a wheelchair, complete a vision task with glasses that simulate different eye impairments like glaucoma or cataracts, and also handle money with garden gloves to simulate loss of dexterity and sensation. The students are also responsible for keeping up with each other and supervising one student that has dementia that may get lost if left on their own. The activity is meant to promote compassion and change the way future nurses interact with elderly patients.