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BSN Program & Student Learning Outcomes

  • Core Knowledge
    • Provide culturally sensitive physical, emotional, and psychological care to a diverse population to assist patients, families, and communities in health promotion, maintenance and restoration. 
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
    • Collaborates with inter professional team members, patients, and their support systems to achieve improved health outcomes
  • Evidence Based Practice
    • Formulate nursing practice decisions utilizing scientific research, evidence based protocols and other appropriate data sources to ensure that best practices are being incorporated into care of patients, families, and communities. 
  • Quality Improvement
    • Contributes to evidence-based nursing practice by participating in improvement strategies/processes including the use of data to design, implement and evaluate outcomes to improve the quality and safety of healthcare systems.
  • Leadership and Management
    • Recognizes the competencies and skills required of an accountable leader and manager while applying principles of organizational process and resource allocation to promote quality care and patient safety.
  • Health Care Policy
    • Understand and consider the impact of health care policy, finance, and regulatory environments on care delivery
  • Population Based Care
    • Partner with inter professional health care teams to design and provide quality health care.
  • Technology Integration
    • Provides care with an understanding of the influence of health care technology on the delivery of quality patient-centered care.