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BSN Special Policies and Procedures


  • The B.S.N. Program in Nursing reserves the right to make such changes and adjustments in its curriculum as are educationally sound and are in keeping with the dynamic nature of its discipline and which do not extend the program of studies listed in the official University of Louisiana at Lafayette Bulletin.
  • The B.S.N. Program in Nursing reserves the right to limit the number of students enrolled in nursing courses in order to make the most effective use of the educational resources available. In the event that enrollment in these courses must be limited, students to be admitted will be selected by their academic ranking based upon cumulative G.P.A.
  • Students who apply to take the licensure exam upon graduation to become a registered nurse are advised that the Louisiana State Board of Nursing (LSBN) will conduct a criminal background record check on all applicants for licensure as a registered nurse in Louisiana. Furthermore, the LSBN requires persons who have ever been arrested, charged with, convicted of, pled guilty or no contest to, or been sentenced for any criminal offense in any state, to petition the Louisiana State Board in writing for the right to practice as a student of nursing in Louisiana prior to enrolling in the first nursing courses. Students should review the complete LSBN document related to requirements regarding criminal incidents, addiction, and impairment reporting in the office of Nursing Student Services.
  • A grade of "A", "B", and "C" is given for satisfactory work. The grade of "D" is unsatisfactory. The grade of "F" is given for work failed. For the purpose of converting letter grades to a numeric expression, the following scale is used for nursing courses: A: 100-93; B: 92-85; C: 84-77; D: 76-69; F: 68-0.
  • Unit examination grades will not be "rounded-off", e.g., 84.9 will be recorded as a "C".
  • Before entry into NURS 100 or enrollment in sophomore nursing courses, all generic and transfer students must meet the following requirements:
  •  * English ACT greater than or equal to 18, and MATH ACT greater than or equal to 21.
  • All courses attempted will be included in the calculation of the cumulative GPA with the exception of KNEA classes of which only the first two are considered.
  • Students will be permitted to enroll in any required nursing course only twice. Students will be permitted to repeat no more than one required nursing course. On the second grade of "W", "D", or "F" in the repeated nursing course, the student will not be permitted to continue pursuing a major in nursing at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. This rule applies to courses with the department designation of "NURS". The first nursing elective course is counted as a required course. Any additional nursing electives are not subject to this rule. Transfer students are subject to these rules.
  • A student will be permitted to repeat only one required non-nursing course.  A student who fails (receives a grade of  "D" or "F") again in that course or from a second required course will no longer be permitted to major in nursing in the UL Lafayette College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions.
  • Students who have been enrolled in the B.S.N. Program in Nursing for six years prior to their anticipated graduation will follow the degree program followed by the normally progressing students enrolled in the same nursing courses. For example, a student enrolled for more than six years and presently enrolled in senior nursing courses will follow the curriculum of the other seniors who began their program of studies three years ago. Similar situations will apply to those in sophomore or junior level nursing courses. If a student drops behind an additional year, he/she will be required to take the additional nursing courses those normally progressing students have had or were required to take.
  • Students who transfer to the UL Lafayette Department of Nursing from another accredited institution are also subject to the rules listed above. Failure in nursing courses taken at another accredited institution will be treated in the same way as failures in required nursing courses and non-nursing courses at UL Lafayette.
  • All transfer/change of major/re-entry students must be enrolled at UL Lafayette during the semester of application for inclusion in the applicant pool for consideration for enrollment in Nursing 208/209. If enrollment in nursing courses is interrupted for a period of three years, the student must repeat all required courses titled “Nursing”.
  • All clinical students are expected to comply with Department of Nursing required random drug testing.  In addition, students must adhere to policies prescribed by each clinical agency when involved in clinical nursing experiences at that agency.  The institution's policies may require random drug screening and/or drug screening for cause and  Level I (unlicensed students) or Level II (licensed or certified caregiver) background investigation check.